Rediscover Your Turn-On

This four-week immersive course teaches women who feel depleted and disconnected a proven method to reignite their body, creativity and sex life. This is a pathway into your body, your heart, and your erotic truth through the Five Feminine Geniuses.

How much longer do you want to experience your life and relationships from a dull, deadened, flavorless place?

Create the Best F-ing Relationship of Your Life.

Learn from the woman who started a feminine movement revolution. Sheila Kelley is the world renowned body-whisperer who knows how to bring fire and passion back into your soul.

Are you ready to set your heart ablaze?
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Sheila Kelley at TEDx American Riveria

Check out Sheila's powerful talk that has more than 1 million views!

About the Course

In this four-week intensive course, Sheila teaches you the secrets to a fully ignited feminine life - a path that opens your body and soul up to the possibility of passion and desire. You will learn a practice that is yours forever. This is the only time you’ll find Sheila teaching online - including material from her coveted Tredici retreats.

  • Week 1: The Path to Body Love
  • Week 2: Unearthing Your Feminine Genius
  • Week 3: Igniting Your Beautiful Emotional Heart
  • Week 4: Unleashing Your Erotic Iconic Fire

Be alluring. Be magnetic. Unlock your Feminine Genius. It's time to come back to life.

Registration Open from Sept. 12 - Oct. 15

Course launches Oct. 22.

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Your Ignited Journey

This course is a profound journey into the ways your inner flame has been squashed, deadened and dampened - and it is a resurrection and reclamation of your turn on. On the path to igniting that powerful feminine fire, we must understand how we got here - who put your light out? When?

Course Structure

  • Online video and workshop content dropped weekly on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
  • Weekly group coaching call with Sheila Kelley on Saturdays. 
  • Private online group to connect with other Woman Ignited women.
  • Do it from anywhere! All you need is a good wifi connection, a journal, and some space to stretch out.
  • Full course details will be accessible upon registration.
  • Only offered once a year! Registration closes on October 15, 2018

This course is for you if:

  • You feel drained, depleted and "over it."
  • You've lost your drive - for sex, for love, for work.
  • You bought into the lie that passion dies at a certain point.
  • You’ve forgotten how to be intimate with yourself and others.
  • You bad-talk your sweet body.
  • You spend all day in your masculine and feel in conflict or competition with other women.
  • You crave the most insanely satisfying relationship
  • And secretly you know there’s got to be more to life…

Don’t let this year be the same as the last. Get out of old patterns. It’s time to ignite.

Free Yourself From Depletion

This isn't all there is to life. Things don't inevitably end up this way. Everything society has told you about love, sex and happiness is a lie.

Become a Woman Ignited

This course lays the foundation for a life more fully, freely and femininely lived. Learn the secrets to turning back on the parts of yourself that have become lifeless and dull. A radiant feminine creature is there inside of you, waiting for you to say yes to her. To reclaim her.

  • More Fulfilling Relationships

  • Better Sex Life

  • Resurgence of Intimacy, Joy and Passion

  • Unearth Your Erotic Intelligence

  • Unapologetic Body Confidence

Meet Sheila Kelley

"When we reclaim our bodies, we reclaim our stories and our truth. This is how the feminine rises."

  • Sheila Kelley

    Sheila Kelley

    Founder of the S Factor Feminine Movement Path

    S Factor® founder Sheila Kelley created a new school of movement many now call Sensual Fitness. Her own soulful journey is a passionate and scientific study of the feminine body, soul and purpose. Sheila has been featured on Tedx, Ellen and Oprah, and is a regular speaker on stages across the world, including Tony Robbins Platinum Partner retreats and Mama Gena events. At Tony Robbins retreats she is the go-to authority for feminine empowerment, healing and discovery. Her authority on the feminine is cited in numerous news publications for its groundbreaking understanding of how the feminine best expresses itself, and her impact on women across the globe. Her experimentation and study of movement revealed a deep connection between female physiology and empowerment. Her approach is designed to open the feminine body and allow the mind to surrender - giving women the opportunity to see a core aspect to their nature previously buried in cultural and societal protocols.

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Course Curriculum Starts Oct. 22

Over 4 weeks, 12 days of content and 4 coaching calls with Sheila, we journey deep into the heart of your passion, your pleasure and the truth of your feminine body.

  • 1
    Getting Started
    • Welcome to Woman Ignited!
    • Making the Most of This Course
  • 2
    Day 1: BODY LOVE
    • 1. Now Entering the World of the Feminine
    • 2. Reclaiming Guardianship of Your Body
    • 3. In Love with the Shape of You
  • 3
    Day 2: BODY LOVE
    • 4. The Yin Effect & First Offense
    • 5. Your Magical Mind & The Reclamation of Your Body
    • 6. Body Reclamation Meditation
    • 7. Addressing Ongoing Body Offenses
  • 4
    Day 3: BODY LOVE
    • 8. What is Sexy?
    • 9. The Five Layers of Sexy
    • 10. Introduction to Self Touch: Ownership
    • 11. Introduction to Movement: Your Magical Body
  • 5
    • 12. The Five Feminine Geniuses
    • 13. Genius 1: Curve of Movement
    • 14. Genius 2: Sensuality
    • 15. Genius 3: Emote-ability
    • 16. Genius 4: Connection & Communication
    • 17. Genius 5: Intuition
    • 18. The 3 C's & Feminine Presence
    • 19. Feminine Genius Homework Assignment
  • 6
    • 20. Reclaiming Desire + Body Mythology 2
    • 21. Your Ignited Closet
  • 7
    • 22. Movement: Sensual Movement
  • 8
    • 23. The 10 Core Body Emotions
    • 24. Fluid Emotionality: The Language of the Heart
  • 9
    • 25. Emotional Memory: Dark
    • 26. Emotional Memory: Light
    • 27. Meditation: Ignited Feminine Presence
  • 10
    • 28. Exercise: Emotional Self Touch
    • 29. Movement: Emotional Movement
  • 11
    • 30. Your Erotic Desire
  • 12
    • 31. The Five Erotic Jumpstarts
    • 32. Erotic Self Touch
    • 33. Introduction to the Erotic Creature Icons
  • 13